Java: Interfaces

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What is a reference type?

Reference data types in Java are those which contain references to the address of dynamically created objects. class types, arrays types, interface types.

Abstract methods in interfaces

Figure 1.1: Comparable Interface
Figure 1.2: Implementing the Comparable Interface

Implementing interfaces

  1. You have to declare that your class intends to implement an interface via the implements followed by the interface name. Example:

Constants in interfaces

Using interface as a type

Figure 2.1: Using an interface as a data type
Figure 2.2: Interface as parameter type and return type

Why use interfaces?

  • Multiple inheritance
  • Organizational benefits
  • Loose coupling potential

Common interview questions on Interfaces




Computer Science Student, Programming Enthusiast

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Anton Suprun

Anton Suprun

Computer Science Student, Programming Enthusiast

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